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We Leverage our Collaboration on Inclusive and Open Multidisciplinary Education.


  • CONGRATA is a non-profit organization of young discerning scientists who collectively, and rationally seek to alleviate the impacts of urbanization and balance the well-being disparities.
  • CONGRATA supports future scientific scholars to gain social confidence and undertake bigger challenges, contributing to economic equality and the inclusive prosperity of their regions.
  • CONGRATA partners with socially responsible leading organizations to learn from their failures and successes, support their work, and help them transcend with next generations.
Our Goal

Our goal is to involve first generation of young scientist in community education and decision-making opportunities to take an active, responsible and influential role in society.

Key Activities 

Enable young scientist the participation in decision making events with domestic and international organizations.

Provide opportunities to learn from success and challenges of socially responsible corporations to advance their mission.

Supports the presentation of young scientist’ research and ideologies before diverse and community groups. So, they built community trust by teaching the benefits of their work and educate society about the advances of science.

Facilitate educational sessions and materials to institutions and underserved communities as part of social inclusion and civic service.

From the Founder

“Our highest priority is unfettering the intellectual inclusion and participation of intellectual young minds in future societal challenges, so each may contribute to closing the technological and economic gaps for the inclusive advancement and sustainable quality of life of our diverse societies.” 


Luisa Kregel

Luisa Kregel

Our Mission & Approach

Support multidisciplinary STEM expert knowledge for young contributors of green, rational and sustainable science and technology solutions. So, future professionals and entrepreneurs build clean, safe and rewarding ventures that contribute to economic growth.

We strive to maintain the Americas’ spirit of innovation by connecting young scientists with institutional leaders to learn and participate in the solution of their needs, challenges and future vision as responsible leaders and influential actors of society.

World Regions with the Biggest Wealth Gaps Have the Richest Natural Resources.

This is the reason we care about:

Climate Change

Mitigate air pollution from urban developments and industrial production.

Renewable Energy

Develop green energy  to efficiently supply energy demands to data processing centers based on software optimization advancements.

Sustainable Farming

Balance agriculture and food engineering to mitigate health human impacts and environmental disposals.


Recovery and rationalization of fresh water for human consumption.

With Your Help, We can Make The World a Better Place

CONGRATA provides the opportunity for future green entrepreneurs to learn and engage early with public and private organizations in various technology sectors: engineering, life sciences, communications, and environmental.

Come and Adopt the Commitment to Change for Inclusive Wellbeing