Luisa Kregel, M.S.

                                                       “My central concern is the socio-economic progress of the regions and causes that hinder their opportune and positive                                                                           impact of scientific research and technology advances."
                                                                Focused on the sustainability of chemical productive processes and the impact in human health and ecological balance.                                                                       During her career, has worked in technology transfer for private industries, scientific research and government institutions                                                                     in USA and Latin America. She is a promoter for the advancement of research and its influence on human capital                                                                                 competitiveness for the US-Mexico region. She earned her Master’s in Management of Information Systems from the                                                                           University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona and International Project Management from the University of California Berkeley,              a research traineeship in Solar Energy from the Environmental Research Laboratory and a bachelor’s in science in Chemical Engineering from Mexico (UMSH).

     Luciana Astiz, PhD

                                             My area of expertise is Seismology, including earthquake sources, tectonics, hazard assessment, and instrumentation.                                                                         I have experience in academia and at an international organization where I collaborated with scientists, technicians, and                                                                       engineers. Mentoring students and younger colleagues come naturally to me. I have expressed my interest in education,                                                                     outreach, and team building activities by organizing training courses for seismic station operators, teaching general                                                                               undergraduate classes, and serving as point of contact for San Diego Hispanic media outlets for earthquake information.                                                                     I have international experience building seismic stations in over ten countries. I am interested in scientific and engineering                                                                   projects that have a social component, e.g. understanding of the factors that contribute to seismicity induced by human                                                                         activities (e.g. hydraulic fracturing).

​      James Earthman, PhD

                                                  Dr. Earthman works in chemical engineering and material science at the University of California Irvine, with special interest in                                                               advancing materials to mediate deformation and damage mechanisms. Jim studies a broad range of deformation and damage                                                             mechanisms in both model and advanced materials.  His work also involves the development and use of computer-based                                                                     techniques for determining the damping characteristics of biomaterials and mechanical biocompatibility, the corrosion behavior of                                                         metals exposed to living cells, and the nondestructive characterization of surface defects in situ.

​​    Celestino Fernandez, PhD

                                                   As sociology researcher, he has wide range of interest on various topics pertaining to culture, Mexican immigration, ethnic diversity                                                      and higher education. Professor Fernández has also held multiple executive roles, including acting as a Vice  President for                                                                  Undergraduate Academic Affairs and as a Vice President for Academic Outreach and International Affairs at the University of                                                              Arizona in Tucson, Az. He also has published approximately 50 articles and book chapters.