​ Gabriela Balderrama

                                                  The training that I am receiving as part of my PhD focuses on using new technologies to study DNA and its multiple derivatives                                                                      in the development of Alzheimer's, a pathology characterized by memory loss and other vital functions, a result of neurodegeneration.                                                          Sequencing techniques are of great importance for the health sector, since the prevention of the disease is the ideal model in the                                                                medical system and may have an impact on the way health insurers evaluate us.

        Dianalaura Cueto

                                                   The knowledge I acquire during my PhD studies in the environmental and energy areas, more specifically in natural gas extraction                                                               from methane hydrates, will help in the transition to renewable energy systems, and establishing a cleaner electric grid.                                                                                 Thus, fostering the use of natural gas for baseload generation that otherwise would be released into the atmosphere, increasing                                                                   climate change.

           Brandon Esquivias

                                                    With my research, I look forward to developing economic and innovative solutions in resolving the problems around combined cycle                                                             power plants or small engines, which have significant environmental impacts. With this work I hope to impact my border region to                                                                 make better decisions on how to best approach sustainable energy generation in Mexico-USA.

        Arturo Garza

                                                     Arturo is a Computer Science doctoral student at the University of California, Irvine. Arturo is aiming to learn, create, and apply new                                                              technologies to optimize and exploit in the most efficient manner the computing resources in parallel and distributed systems. With                                                              recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things (IoT); more computational power is a necessity.                                                        Due to this, it is imperative to develop new ways to reduce operation costs and improve systems performance.


           Adriana Meza

                                                     I am a Ph.D. scholar in Software Engineering at UC Irvine. As a member of the Software Design and Collaboration Laboratory                                                                      (SDCL), my research is focused on advancing Software Engineering education through the simulation of real software practices                                                                  supported by digital learning tools.  Nowadays technology is omnipresent, affecting our lives in many ways, either positive or                                                                        negative; as a researcher on the tech side, I believe collaborating with other disciplines to reach a point of integration between social                                                            responsibility and the technological progress of our field is essential. 

            Arturo Meza

                                                     My career has been focused on material devices and characterization. My current research is focused on ceramic materials with                                                                  high dielectric properties for potential electronic applications. The idea is to contribute with the enhancement and use of renewable                                                              energies such as solar and others. This technology is currently used but is known that there are many opportunity areas where                                                                    materials characterization will have a very important role. All these are focused and will contribute with economic and environmental                                                            benefits for society and our planet.

           Daniela Ruiz

                                                     Energy is one of the most important sectors for the functioning and productivity of a society, always hand in hand with sustainability.                                                            I believe the secret of this balance lies in improving the efficiency of what we already have, using less resources to produce more                                                                clean energy and a safe environment for our diverse communities.

          ​ Ramses Trigo 

                                                           My research focuses on developing a new manufacturing technique that will accelerate the manufacture and improve the quality                                                                  of a hybrid heart valve that is being developed by our research team. This will allow us to replace mechanical heart valves and                                                                      eliminate the need of complementary medications in all patients under 60 years of age who suffer from a malfunction of any of                                                                      their heart valves.